Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

There are places in the world in which you never think to look to find a particular brand of music. Though every country is eclectic, unique and full of diversity that applies to race, religion and interests (for the most part), there are genres of music that certain areas are frankly, just not known for.

For example, Chelyabinsk, Russia. This place is deep in Russia, okay? Deep enough that after stumbling upon Triagrutrika and seeing where they came from, I was like, they are from one of the most Russian cities in Russia. I bet. Chelyabinsk? Have you heard of this Russian city? Of course this question applies to U.S.A-ers because as an American I can admit that I like some other Americans, can be a little, um, oblivious to international geography and cities that cannot boast the position of capital. Know what I'm saying?  Moscow, Russia, St. Petersburg, I know of those places for sure. I'm not an idiot or anything. But get this, Chelyabinsk is one of Russia's bigger cities (the ninth largest, anyway)  but you know what, I bet the people in Chelyabinsk don't know anything about Toledo, Ohio so don't judge me, Russians of beautiful Chelyabinsk:

Chelyabinsk, Russia-the administrative center of Chelyabinsk Oblast

So after that little tidbit I'll try to yank myself back on track. For you.

So I fell across this Russian RAP GROUP called Triagrutrika. Try saying that three times fast. It's easy for me but I bet you can't do it. The name translates as...who knows man I've tried to find out and believe me I searched and I couldn't. Listen, I'm a researcher, yes, but what the name is cool and its meaning is not as important as the music, and also, the name might not mean anything at all anyway. Remember the American band Hoobastank? Aerosmith anybody? Neither of those names have a real meaning and though Aerosmith is on a whole other level than Hoobastank who have by now faded into obscurity, both are examples that a band name doesn't neccessarrily have to have any meaning. So now that I've made excuses for my sub-par reasearching skills we can continue.

Clearly if you're still reading you come for the digressions and run-ons and stay for the miniscule snatches of discussion of the actual subject of my posts. Thanks, it's great to have you!

So Triagrutrika from Chelyabinsk, Russia consists of the the members...damn I can't even find that information. Listen, these guys are an underground Russian rap group. They are like phantoms in the night. Maybe one day they'll stumble across this site and decide to tell me all about themselves.... which would be great because their music is amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the infectious production and the way the guys' flows rode the rhythm as it were. Nice lyrical delivery, their videos are AMAZING because it's just them rapping! I can focus on the music and not be distracted by vaselined rumps of well-endowed female dancers gyrating before the lens! Imagine that. Well, you don't have to imagine it, here it is:

Mmmmmm delicious. No, you don't know what they're saying unless you know Russian, which I don't. But dammit I still appreciated it. And I still listened to them for hours on YouTube. And they're easy on the eyes as well. I would flirt these guys under the table if I met them and also, drink them under the table and also, interview them about their music extensively before catching a flight back to Toledo and telling you all about it on Prosepunk.

What did I just do here? Introduce you to what I consider to be an amazing Russian rap group--no, amazing Rap Group in general. Go ahead, disagree with me. You wouldn't dare.

*I was gonna try to end this post with a translation of the lyrics of "Big City Life"...but wouldn't you know it? I couldn't find those either. Sigh. Enjoy anyway though. Prosepunk commands it.

Peacy Weacy!!