Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Me, pensive and sick!

I have the sinus infection from hell. I'm coughing. Tired. My throat hurts. Insert complaint here.

Yet I'm having a good, introspective day. I'm sick yet pensive. Pictured above. 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday DeQuaina!

Is what I'm saying to myself today. I feel a little strange about revealing my real name on here but what the hell. DeQuaina. That's my first name, but it's Prosepunk to you. Still. I might be 26 but ain't tihs changed rekcufrehtom!

Anyway, now that that nonsense is out of my system, I'm here to present a thoughfully compiled list of things Prosepunk likes RIGHT NOW. Hope you like them too, because everything preceding this long winded and rambling list introduction is a bunch of greatness that shall expand your mind. Teach you a thing or two. Oh, and as always this is a two way conversation, if you're reading this, feel free to start a dialogue with me. I won't bite. Or kill you. Or even respond? What's there to lose? A few keystrokes. Anonymity. I eat anonymity for breakfast though, so you are wise to be cautious.

It's my birthday so I can ramble and be as incoherent as I like. this is my blog after all. Look I didn't even capitalize the first word in the last sentence. This is an organic flow of thought, pure stream of consciousness. I am supposed to be introducing you to the list of things that I like right now. Drop your eyes and feast upon my offerings.

(In no particular order)


 Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness" the original and Steve Aoki version.


Final Fantasy 12. I'm still playing it and it's still so good. I love it. I'll beat it throughly, and enjoy myself while I do it.


Killzone. Haven't played in a few days but as soon as I have the time to devote to it I plan to dive right back in nuts deep. I mean ankle deep. Women can't dive in nuts deep into anything can they?


Swiss and Rainbow Chard. Pull the leaves from the stemps, wash thoroughly. Cut the stems AND the leaves. Heat up some garlic and olive oil in a pan. Throw the stems in. Then about four minutes or so throw in the leaves. Cook, turning and then covering for a while. Cook until a darker green, or to desired consistency. Enjoy.


This Dr. Pepper I'm drinking right now.


Beach House's Teen Dream album.




My artistic strides.


Parenthood. I really like that show for some reason. The acting is just  very natural and real to me.


The random function in my Zune software. It just gave me Bat for Lashes' "Tahiti".




The subtle let down of adult birthdays.


The surprise agents of birthday glee that one never expects to enjoy.


The positive outlook I've acquired while not always unwavering it is enduring.


My job.


My relationships.


 Marcos pepperoni pizza with double garlic and parmesan. So good. Throw some cheezy bread in there and you will lose you mind, son!


Watchmen. I hated the movie when it first came out in theaters. Now it's one of my faves.

Your gift to me, enlightened reader, is to not judge me for any typographical or grammatical errors. Happy MeDay.