Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where have I been? Around...things change in life, and as I read the blog posts of yesteryear that I splattered across these pages with wild abandon, I realize the absolute depth of my change.

So what am I here to say? First, some shameless self promotion laced with an attempt to show anyone that may return to this forgotten and most-likely haunted blog that I have not been static. I have grown, achieved some goals, and hope to continue. I have finally realized what most people probably know--life is a collection of meaningful moments because they are what comprise the entire arc of a life lived fully, and you should know that, too (obvious right? Then why wasn't I/am I not living it that way?). It ebbs and flows like a river hiding the world in its depths, and as such, each day should be lived in the way that you want to live the preceding years.

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And then return here to read the musings of the woman behind the story. I have returned, by the way.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Not dead, but this Blog would seem to be....

Alas, it is not. I work like a you know what, and so my creative juices have been stoppered with the need for sleep and for focus and for slacking. But today I had a jolt. Lucky you.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today in documentaries I wish I hadn't watched...

Calm your proclamations external or internal that I am a day late and a dollar short, I know the movie was released in 2007, it just took me a while to get up the nerve to get back in touch with my inner conspiracy theorist. But now that I have allowed myself to fall back into the endless, fruitless task of pondering the depth of the American government's (and the world's) evil, read my thoughts on a film that while not completely believable (nothing but the things we research and find out by our own enterprise should be believed, usually) manages to serve as a thoroughly thought provoking documentary that addresses some issues surrounding 9/11, organized religion and American political, financial and societal systems. Take heed, if you are not allowing your mind to be provoked, they've already won. Who are they? Oh, I think you know!

  Zeitgeist: The movie, which Netflix summarizes as "Peter Joseph's exploration into the controversial links between organized religion, global financial markets and the international power structure", begins with a mildly frightening examination of the foundations of Christianity. The ideas expressed in this segment of the film are troubling since with light research done without typing "similarities between Jesus and Egyptian/ancient gods" reveals that these gods went through many of the same trials as Jesus, were sometimes born in the same manner as Jesus (even on the same date as Jesus), and are tied to the zodiac and its symbols like...Jesus. But no worries, I won't be ranting about the subject of whether Jesus exists or not or whether Christians are a bunch of judgemental loonies (not saying that they are, conversely, many devout Christians are amazing insightful people.) To be honest, my thoughts on religion are very complex, they shift daily, and I'm no theologian. Furthermore, I don't, for whatever reason, feel comfortable making any claims about religion, Jesus, God,  my divine legs, face, or lips on the Internet, so I won't. Except, maybe I'll go on one of my world famous (or at least, blog famous)

Have I mentioned how extremely attractive--no--divinely attractive I am? I should be illegal. If Horus (a god whose story (birth, death, god-like acts) is eerily similar to that of Jesus') were around today, he would give up his day job of basking in the sun's rays and lapping up the adulation of his worshippers to take me out for a steak dinner at J. Alexander's just to lay his bird-eyes upon the magnificence of my countenance.

See what I did there? I shifted your thoughts with conceited proclamations that may or may not be true. I'm being suggestive. I should have a news network.

Anyway...outside the treacherous million mile deep pit of religious discussion, Zeitgeist is a movie that examines the acts of the government in our financial system, our international relations, and our very lives. Zeitgeist takes the well trodden road of revealing secret plots surrounding America's involvement in international wars like all documentaries of this type by suggesting government execution of sinister war maneuvers, exposing the ways in which presidents of years past have manipulated international relations to the point of inciting attacks on American soil, and just might succeed in causing anyone who comes across the film to fear any man that drinks his coffee from a solid gold cup in a Capitol Hill cafeteria.

The specifics of the film are important, and  Peter Joseph makes many good points, but I won't rehash the specifics here other than to state that the ideas presented in the film seem well researched and are presented in a less crackpot fashion than Michael Moore fare. My fear, however, with films of this type is that an impressionable mind (I possess one of those by the way, mine is just so amazing that it is impressionable for mere moments before my amazing research techniques and penchant for disbelief of anything and everything fed to me through screen mediums (screen mediums is what I call anything with a screen. I am speaking to you from a screen medium. Aren't I clever? And cute? Also, how do you like this parentheses within parentheses action? Want more of it? Too bad!) causes me to take everything I may have witnessed with a large hypertension inducing grain of salt) might just take the ideas presented in this film as truth and spew them with reckless abandon to even more impressionable minds, which would be a tragedy.

When I view a documentary like this it serves only to make me more vigilant, discerning and critical of a government that seems to be inept at best and purposely detrimental to American prosperity at worst with only their own gain in mind. With that said I charge you to view this film with an open intelligent mind, and then I challenge you not to hold it as your doctrine, not as your guide to secret American history, (although it would be a good conversation starter at a place like, oh...say the Republican National Convention since many of the politicians placed under a microscope in these films brandish an elephant on their festive buttons)  but use Zeitgeist as a proverbial fire to place under your complacent ass.

Ask questions of your government, cast blank stares at those who seem to think the federal government is full of well meaning, affable men who also happen to be bajillionaires who think of the rights, lifestyles and struggles of the poor and just-making-ends-meet that comprise the bulk of American society. I charge you to take off your blinders and be an active, question asking, letter writing, forward thinking person of this society, because your brainpower is needed and your efforts to be an active participant in the dealings of your government will be appreciated by the entitled yet lovable brats that will inherit this world.

About now, after reading this amazing mind blowing blog post, you're wondering why I titled this rant of epic and well written proportions "Today in documentaries I hadn't watched..." and the answer to that is, old creepy footage of dead eyed politicians doing bad stuff and images of the carnage of war and greed and hopelessness make me sad. Plus, it made me think. I'm an American, I don't like to think. Just kidding, I, like many Americans, love thinking. Yet I can admit that I like to spend my days enjoying lighter fare--however--the light stuff doesn't garner such long, well written and thought provoking posts like this. So thank gosh for documentaries that present palatable fear mongering!!!

In other news, have you seen Dark Knight Rises yet? If you haven't, don't. It was horrible.

Peacy Weacy!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Low Battery, Low Energy, High Desire...

...To make an appearance two days in a row to make a stamp of consistent and real effort and devotion upon this blog.

This post shall be as paltry as yesterday's, but know that this emptiness refers to content not quality and consideration.

See you tomorrow, on the Monday of good intent. Do you think I'll show?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wham Bam! Here I am Again!

I won't ask if you've missed me. I won't ask if you've come to my page time and time again in the last two months hoping that I've emerged from my two job hustle and posted more bombastic musings for your eyes to feast upon....

I won't ask you how to knit a paw print place mat, or ask you how to serve drinks to late night gamblers at a new Midwestern casino. (I now know how to do both of those things, yay me!) I won't ask you why my first post in two months is going to be horribly lame and underwhelming.

I will, however, ask you to stick with me, ingest my ramblings and make an informed decision about whether you will return tomorrow. I'm here to tell you that you will. If you know what's good for you!!

I work 10-6 tomorrow, and then I'll be here, slathering myself with wordplay juice or what I like to call H20 and I will dowse you with interesting tidbits straight from my grey matter. The important thing is, I'm back for real this time.

Hope you enjoyed the break!

Oh, and because a special someone enjoyed this picture, and to celebrate the fact that this dumb-dumb is not one of this year's disappointing presidential candidates, here's Rick Perry, doing what he does best.

Read more about this sausage muncher, here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guess who's got two jobs?

I do, you amazingly supportive readers! Stay tuned, after a 70 hour work week for which I am currently preparing, I am sure I will have the energy to write all about it here for all of you to enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Hate to Do It, But....


Is a.....

Well duh!! You might say. And to you who say that I say, "I know right?" But dammit all! I really wanted to see this film! I adore Juliet Lewis, like Drew Barrymore, I can stomach Ellen Page enough to watch a film about the very intriguing sport of Roller Derby, and I was excited to see a nice "Girl Power" film. Alas, it was as corny as an Ohio field, and almost as long, oh, and twice as boring.

Did it have some good moments? Yes. What movie doesn't? The Roller Derby scenes are exciting and fast-paced, some of the characters were amusing like the seldom seen Wilson brother's character Razor and Ellen Page's character Bliss' best friend Pash and coworker Birdman.

The problem is, the parts of this movie that fell short of being generally okay were horribly contrived. Everything was too simple. And corny. And everything got wrapped up in a cute little boring, linear, predictable, amateur bow.  A bow shooting laser beams of bore at everyone from atop a large pile of corn.


Movie snob! Yes, I am weird about movies. I pick them apart as I watch them, as I enjoy them, and when I am unable to find anything badly done, badly written, implausible; when I can safely say that a film is not laden with unbearable saccharine sweetness---I can deem it good.

However, it's all my opinion. Some people, those who like bad movies, might have loved Whip It!

Also, don't think I don't take into account the fact that I tend to gravitate toward darker fare, therefore a feel good Simple Simon film like Whip It! isn't my cup of tea in the first place. All I know is after being subjected to a five minute long scene of Bliss and her love interest doing synchronized swimming moves underwater while making out, I lost all interest and began wandering about my house doing some cleaning of all things, and eventually I ended up sitting in front of my laptop and writing a blog post about it in the last quarter of the movie.

So yeah. Cornfest Supreme. Stay away. Unless you like corn, in which case you should Netflix this film as fast as your fingertips allow!!

Peacy Weacy!!