Thursday, August 26, 2010

Goals, not just another word for scoring in soccer.

Okay, so I like many of you out there have goals. I barely know what they are anymore because I haven't actually met one in so long but as usual I digress.

I have goals but because I spin my wheels daily and procrastinate, I never meet them. Proof of that is on this blog for your eyes to see...or not see..I planned to sate your thirst for all things Prosepunk by posting a not that cliche Top 10 Video Games List, but yet, it remains non existent. Sad, I know, but I admitted I have a problem with doing what I need to do and darn it I meant it!

With that said I'm going to place my goals, large and small on this blog so that they are in the world where people may witness them and scoff when I fail to meet them. Maybe this will light a fire under my bum--or not. Only time will tell. Here is a list of my goals, in no particular order, and with no chance of being met! LOL.

1. Finish Final Fantasy 12 so I don't feel like a fraud when I put it on my top video games list
2. Finish reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  (ignore the irony)
3. Get to "book 2" of my current project (more on that later)
4. Prepare my poetry to send out to a contest. (It ain't about winning, it's about DOING!)
5. Make THE decision, stick to it, and better myself (purposely cryptic)
6.Finish my re-read of Shepherd of the Wolves (love that book!)
7. Restart and finish Shadows Fall

Now these goals seem small but one must begin with the small stuff, I haven't the capability to work on the most important things in my life yet, though a few of them do appear on the list.

As I meet these goals, if I meet these goals, I will write about them on this blog so that catharsis can power me toward even better achievements. I hope I don't disappoint myself, because that's what matters the most.

I may add more goals, who knows? Life is about goals mostly, and if  I ever hope to claw my way out of the sludge of mediocrity I need to get some pep in my step, some drive...I need to become what I am not--a go-getter.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inform Yourself.

I'm going to give you a word. SecuRom. I'm going to give you a website courtesy of my well versed best friend Wikipedia (I promise I'll start using other sources soon because I'm thorough like that!! :)
Draw your own conclusions, and talk to me about it on the morrow!

I'm just telling you to read it. That's all. I don't have an opinion<<That's a lie.

**And let it be known I AM NOT down with the pirating of ANYTHING so as you read this article please keep in mind that  I am only bringing it to your attention so that you may draw conclusions relating to how it affects our rights as HUMAN BEINGS with privacy, not so I could give a heads up to people who steal things and ruin it for the rest of us. Quit pirating music and movies and games man, it spazzes out the economy and siphons our collective moral character. Yes I'm a goody two shoes...when it comes to stealing.

If you want amazing music that's so cheap it might as WELL be free check out ZUNE. I own a Zune HD that is always at my side and I subscribe to the MOTHEREFFIN Zune Pass which I love more than pop tarts, and soon, you will learn of how deep my love goes for pop tarts. Check me out in the Zune community as well so you can see what I'm listening to, although I'm sure I'll talk about that more than enough on this blog. I don't work for Zune by the way:) Have I veered far enough away from my subject yet? Yes, okay, back on track...

If you're not offended by now, leave a comment about what you think of the article and whether you agree that we are being suctioned into an Orwellian abyss!!

P.S. I know SecuRom is chiefly implemented on the games running under Microsoft Windows and  Zune is made by Microsoft but whatev, I love my Zune, and I like Microsoft games and their other products but  I just don't like their practices!! Duality is human nature dammit!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Pentagon Wars!!:

Watching the film: The Pentagon Wars reiterates  how much the government tries to hide/gloss over their past faux pas’. This movie depicted the struggle that ensued between Air Force Lt. Col. James Burton and Maj. Gen. Partridge, who according the movie, served as the main authority over the Bradley “Reconnaissance Vehicle” development.

Lt. Col Burton thought the vehicle unsafe and as the film shows many changes had been made to the original and more functional prototype in order to pacify the tastes of high ranking military officials.

Listen….I hate writing summaries, you want a good summary go here: Pentagon Wars Summary that makes sense unlike the one I was about to write and then if you have enough energy left click the x on the right upper hand corner of the window that contains the summary to close the window and BAM! My blog is still here!<you're very welcome for the impromptu Windows Internet Expolorerer tutorial.

Now I know my opinion means next to nothing because I'm just a very intelligent person who might one day be your boss-but I digress...that movie laid bare a couple of things I would think the Army wouldn't want us fair citizens to be aware of. It's not as if they don't already pull the wool over our eyes about a myriad of things but listen I'm just a talker not a conspiracy theorist so here is my point. I'm not into rehashing conspiracy theories and I also don't want the government to poison my Honey Smacks for blabbing know what I'm sayin'? (As if they would read this blog because I'm sure no one will ever see it other than whoever happens to be sitting beside me while I'm writing it!) Self deprecating humor ladies and gentlemen.

Here is the promised point: watch the movie. Then let it simmer.

But...your thankless assignment is not must then mosey on over to this link, which is an official wiki article on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and see how the Bradley people spin that movie, it's under the section titled Production History. Hilarious. Now I don't know which version (the movie or the wiki article) is true but it's a funny thing all the same.

So what do you think phantom readers, you think the government made shoddy war equipment or was it ALL JUST A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING *said in an army General voice*.

The Pentagon Wars wasn't the most entertaining thing I ever saw, but it gets kudos for its content!

Peacy Weacy!

Procrastination...and you. Or me. Yeah, me.

In addition to being married to Tomorrow, I have mentioned that I am also owned by that harsh mistress procrastination. To be indebted to procrastination as I am is a complete detriment to my mission as an aspiring writer. However, I am forever trying to break my ties to procrastination by reading inspiring articles/blogs written by people who have already overcome their dependence on putting off for tomorrow which could be done today.

Timothy Hallinan wrote a great article for people like me, writers who can't finish their work. It really gave me some good tips and helped me organize my thoughts...and it stopped me from getting down on myself about my inability to EVER finish any work I start. I always get bored with my story or my characters, and then you know what happens, I start another story and the previous one gets lost in the abyss where my work goes to die!!! But get this, I read Timothy's article, which you can find here (choose Finish Your Novel on the left) and low and behold, I finished something, for the first time since I was about fifteen and I wrote this crazy story called Clean about an OCD neat freak murderer. Yeah, it was horrible.

At any rate, those writers out there who suffer from cantfinishadamnthing like me, should check out this article. Read the whole thing--don't wuss out. You'll never regret it, and, I predict you naming your first born after me for all the help it will do you!!


Friday, August 13, 2010

An introduction...

So...a blog. Like millions of others in this great world of ours I fancy myself an artist! A writer to be exact--so what better way to hone the writing skills than to...write? I won't be hawking  my books on here--yet--as I heart tomorrow and that is a beautiful way of saying...I procrastinate. There is nothing I like better than tomorrow. It's fresh, clean, it always calls back, and it's always there for you!

                I love you, tomorrow. Are we still on for dinner--tomorrow?

Anyway, in the event I ever get the guts to kick tomorrow to the curb, I will undoubtedly transform into a person who contributes quality, introspective and deliciously entertaining work to our fair society.

Admitting that I'm a writer--aspiring as I may be--will undoubtedly solicit harsh scrutiny from anyone who mis-types an address into their browser and arrives on All sorts of people will laugh and point at my badly spelled words and grammatical errors, and to them I say, mistakes give human beings character--get some for yourself and quit hating on mine!!:)<---Yup that's a smiley constructed of a colon and a right parenthese.

Since I do so love tomorrow, I doubt I will update this blog as often as I should. If you were paying attention before, you saw that I called myself a procrastinator. I am. A severe procrastinator. See you one day soon I hope, and if I return, I promise to discuss the following:

 Because we don't hear enough about people not named Justin Bieber, Rihanna, or Beyonce!!

 I'm not sure what they are but I've heard they contain words organized into an attention grabbing series that can bring satisfaction, discovery, entertainment, and boredom, all at once!!

How many plans can I break? How much time passes between blog updates? Will I even remember I have this blog when tomorrow comes to pick me up in a few hours? Will I ever finish and submit this crappy self-important snore fest I call a novel? Will I ever stop pretending my work isn't the bomb? (Because I have heard from reliable sources (outside of myself) that my writing is top notch!)

I have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder that my doctor calls hypochondria...hold on wait...

Social Commentary
You know what they say about opinions and sphincters! (Everybody's got one)

And much, much more
My blog will lack focus. Just like me.

So please return again and again for my prosepunk musings. I'll even drop some suggestive posts that urge you to do what I'm doing. Like playing Sims 2! Which reminds me, I'll also be writing about...

Video games
I love them, and so should you!!!