Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey, how about a little peak into my day?

Not much going on….however, I am enjoying season 1 of Shameless (U.S.) right now.


Multi-cultural cast
Steamy scenes of intimate bliss
Eye candy by the bowlful

Most importantly, it’s damned entertaining and pretty well-written. It's a bonafide adult show that takes a unique look at a dysfunctional family complete with that gritty tinge that all paid-movie channel original series have.

Nice Thursday off!

Peacy Weacy

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Blog Posts in one Day?

Yes, but it's short, sweet and random.

So, I decided to turn off the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton flick "Faster" the moment the one couple got married and then went to shoot at bottles in the desert with their wedding clothes on. Gimme a corny break. I mean, corn city.

I don't know what I'm like that with movies. I mean, certain things just turn me off so bad and usually it's such a miniscule thing. I never wanted to see Faster in the first place but it's playing on one of my movie channels right now so I happened to catch quite a bit of it. Sure, it was pretty bad, but nothing made me scramble for my remote until that damn couple.

It's like, bad characterization. So anyway I was barely paying attention to the movie, I was writing and such, but it's not that complex so I could glean most of the details and with minimal attention you know, but as I understand it, The Rock's character's brother got killed by bad guy that *insert villainous gimmick here* and now that Rock character is out for blood!

The police played by a drug addicted Billy Bob and an ever oh-so-coolCarla Gugino are looking for Rock's character who I'll just call Rock from here on out because he killed some people, I think. But anyway there's this couple in the movie and one can tell they're a BAD to the BONE racing car couple that lives on the wild side!

So they have a small wedding, after which I'm presented with a scene of them shooting cans in the desert, her in her wedding dress and him in his tux. No thanks. Just beat me over the head with it why dontcha? Ever heard of subtelty?

And Billy Bob, what the hell? Do you just take every role offered to you? I know the money's good so listen, I won't hate that bad, but where's your darkness gone, man? You used to be striking!

Anyway. Check the labels. This is just a rant. Great grammar does not apply. Nor does sense, or having a point.

Now for some How It's Made.

Peacy Weacy!

Off to work!

It's 6:48 am, and it's a new day! I've thrown misery to the wind, though I'm sure I'll meet that cold bastard again, and am here this bright new morning to present to you one of the bands that powered me through college, Pitty Sing. Their music is hard to find outside of youtube, as are their albums, however, anything is possible. Maybe this video and song will light a little fire under your patootie to get out there and listen to some quality.

So here it is, Fallen by Pitty Sing. Catch their short but rad discography down below as well!


Pitty Sing (2005)
Demons You Are the Stars In Cars Til I Die (2004)

Eat it up!

Peacy Weacy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello there misery

January 9th
Misery came and slid itself
Twirled around my psyche
Leave me in the abysmal dark
Reach me in the searing light
Distance travelled in mental strides
A vortex of thought
Sound of mind

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello there person of the future!

Welcome to 2012, wow, I accidentally typed 2011 instead of 2012 back there. Isn't that hilarious? Especially when you consider the fact that this post is being made with the New Year in mind.

So, anyway, welcome person of the future, you person who exists in the time depicted in movies like the horrible 2012, the very good I Am Legend, you.

Come join me and celebrate the arrival of 2012 by doing something very 1900's; peruse this list of sci-fi books including one that takes place in 2012 and consider reading them. You know, reading, the amazing thing you're doing right now! Isn't it fun?!


Future History by Robert Heinlein- Can't go wrong with Heinlein and this story is set in 2012!


Moon Fall by Jack McDevitt. I love McDevitt and his books are quality sci-fi that have a diverse cast of characters!! Deeeelish!


Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke. Amazing! A complex plot and style, strong imagery, and an alien starship with a cylindrical sea? Gimme more. But when I got more, it was effing Rama II. I'm not even linking to that book. Stay away. The WORST sequel since Son of the Mask which I didn't even need to watch to know it was horrific. Gosh Rama II is horrible. For shame Arthur C. Clarke! You're lucky Rendezvous with Rama was a masterpiece because if it hadn't been I would've shown up at your house and commanded you to go on a Rama II burning crusade during which I would force you to find every copy of Rama II in the world, collect them and bring them to a location of my choosing where we would toss them all into a raging fire.

Plus, Mr. Clarke, you could always blame it on Gentry Lee. Ooooh horrible.


Ancient Shores by Jack McDevitt- I told you Jack McDevitt was good, because this one is bombastic as well. Pow!


Ender's Game--The ending obliterated my mind. A satisfying book. Just really good, man! Ender rocks.

So eat those up and let me know how they taste, sweet thangs.

Peacy Weacy!!


Yeah I called you all sweet thangs.