Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today, My Glass Is....

...and the water is as delicious and refreshing as it looks.

I'm sitting here enjoying whatever my Zune spits out (it's on random) and I'm inclined to reflect on the leaps and bounds I've made in the last few months. Actual leaps, actual bounds ( I dance every night). I've been writing so much that I might actually be allowed to call myself a writer, and I've achieved something I didn't think I ever would, I feel, fulfilled.

I still have plenty of time to gain more fulfillment for the day one is satisfied is the day the heart stops beating, but I must admit that being productive in a field where I can fathomably succeed is the jolt I needed to realize that I'm much more than a pretty face. Much more. A very pretty face, of course, but being pretty doesn't make your insides golden and honestly someone out there, most likely someone with some sort of visual handicap, doesn't think I'm all that pretty to begin with and probably would encourage me to base my worth on my intellect alone.

With that said, I think I'm finding it hard to maintain the tone I wish for prosepunk to have when I've spent a lot of time lately writing in a more serious, professional manner. This is a challenge I must meet as well.

My only current complaint with my own achievements is that I'm STILL trying to wade my way through Final Fantasy 12. When I finally write my blog post about that game upon completion, I might have to title it: How I Finished the Longest Game in History and Lived to Talk About It.

So to close this rambling but endearing mess of a blog post, I must tell you, dear reader, that being productive produces endorphines! So get out there and show the world that you're much more than your exterior, and grab motivation by the bootstraps, it's time to take the world by storm!!!

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