Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Season 3 of Nip/Tuck Cheapened the Series....

...Which is sad because the first two seasons were simply amazing! I had to take a break from viewing season three on Netflix to express how...awful it is! Nip/Tuck is known for its over-the-top story lines--a characteristic of the show that was always well tempered by quality writing and provocative cinematography. However, the third season took things too far and while entertaining-- in the way those cheesy/soft porn style movies at wee hours of the morning on HBO or Showtime in the late 90's were entertaining--it lost a great part of the style and class it managed to maintain in previous seasons.

I watched the first two seasons as a teenager when they originally aired and I loved the show. Some lifestyle change or obsession with an unattainable boy or  or teenage angst must have stopped me from watching for a while but I returned to it in college and watched a few of the later seasons. Now I'm just engaging in a Nip/Tuck binge and I was enjoying it immensely until Season Three, which I never saw any of in re-runs or otherwise, burst out of the gate with so much ridiculousness it's unbelievable.

This is how my mind's been while watching season three:

"Come on now, no penis?!"

"Why are these doctors being made privy to all this sensitive police information? They are only plastic surgeons!"

"They operate on anything that moves if the wind blows south. Christian keeps operating on Kimber, they operate on their own son? Aren't there rules or something against this. How can they afford all these free surgeries? They're either operating on family members or pro bono cases all the time!"

 "When did the carver become a plastic surgeon? He started off just doing believably crude carvings. Hold up, he carved nine girls at once? Come on!!"

 "No, penis. How was it possible for him to be in threesome situations with air blowing around in his undies where his junk should be?"

I love Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh, Christian and Sean, but no amount of eye candy could distract me from the zany plots and implausibilities.

I have episode 15: Quentin Costa on pause as I write this, so no, some plot lines have yet to be resolved, but the damage has been done. Boo Season Three!! Off to finish it...

Edit: Season 4 I saw back when it aired, now I remember--I remember being excited about beautiful Sanaa Lathan's guest starring role, and this season is much better than season three if my memory serves. *Sigh* If the two stars weren't so damn hot I might give up on the Nip/Tuck binge but alas, they are Greek Gods and I, a moth to their flame...

Peacy Weacy!!

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