Saturday, November 12, 2011

Killzone Update, Ya'll!!!!

So....I have a jetpack now! I'm flying around with a jetpack and a hand cannon shooting Helghast soldiers into the dust!

Oh, and guess what I resisted today? Going into the gamer's crack den otherwise known as GameStop and snagging me a 3-DS. I have a hefty trade that will give me enough store credit to help get me a piece of game hardware fresh out the package and new to behold!!!

Pair that with one of these inviting and delicious looking tasty treats:

And I would've been in heaven. But I was trying to be responsible and forced myself and my armful of nice juicy trade-stuffs back home and fired up some Killzone, which I have yet to best. I haven't played since the 3rd though so give me a break. I work and act like a 25 year old  woman as well as game like a 12 year old boy so taste my vesatility and enjoy it. 

Of course jetpack pictured belongs to Sean Connery's James Bond from Thunderball!!
What what! (Bond rules.)

So as I was saying, my reward for my self-control was my character Templar popping open a supply depot only to find a shiny piece of jetpack amazingness to strap on. Hover abilities and unlimited ammunition. Thank you kindly. Still playing....

Know what else I'm still playing?

Peacy Weacy!!

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