Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I HAVE RETURNED!! *Cue rolls of thunder and crying babies

Ya miss me?

I would promise to never stay away so long again, but you know what they say: promises are made by beautiful black women with heads full of words. Oh, is that not the expression?

Anyway, I don't have much to say on this gorgeous Wednesday evening. The sun is still shining outside, the weather has turned warm in this slow Ohio town, and I am sitting in a fleece robe staring at the screen of my phone as a person I don't want to talk to calls me. Fun!

Anyway, I was thinking about starting a new blog series that I won't  follow through on! This new one will be about films starring black women in interesting, non-stereotypical roles! Meaning, roles outside of a Tyler Perry film, roles that aren't in movies about baby daddy's, roles outside of films depicting the everyday foibles of some ne'er do well in the drug game, roles outside of movies about gang violence or  troubled relationships that involve any party that can be referred to as a "baby daddy" or "baby mama" etc. I want to speak about quality films starring black women in quality roles.


Well, first off I'm a black woman as I have stated many times on this blog and I enjoy watching positive female characters as a whole, so if they're hot and black and multi-dimensional, I'm in heaven! Second of all, I like movies! Don't you?

So come with me down this road that will taper off into nothing after one or two blog posts on the subject, join me in learning that black women can kick ass, be sought-after sex pots, or be superheroes that aren't named Storm.

I said join me! Do as your told.

My mac & cheese is about finished so I'm about to go devour it, but afterwards (or tomorrow) be ready to ingest some well worded mentions of films starring brown skinned female thespians that will knock your top hat asunder!

Peacy Weacy!!

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