Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where have I been? Around...things change in life, and as I read the blog posts of yesteryear that I splattered across these pages with wild abandon, I realize the absolute depth of my change.

So what am I here to say? First, some shameless self promotion laced with an attempt to show anyone that may return to this forgotten and most-likely haunted blog that I have not been static. I have grown, achieved some goals, and hope to continue. I have finally realized what most people probably know--life is a collection of meaningful moments because they are what comprise the entire arc of a life lived fully, and you should know that, too (obvious right? Then why wasn't I/am I not living it that way?). It ebbs and flows like a river hiding the world in its depths, and as such, each day should be lived in the way that you want to live the preceding years.

Now, click the picture to find my story titled:


And then return here to read the musings of the woman behind the story. I have returned, by the way.


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