Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can I hear a "what what!" for ever enduring racism!!

So it's about that time again for conservative white males to emerge from the depths of their coffers (yes, they LIVE in their coffers) to begin a tirade against the current president, President Obama this time around, and display the shear breadth of their close-minded prejudiced ideals. you smell that? It's America people. Live with it. Laugh at it, I do, and I'm black and everyone knows that we bare the brunt of racist attacks.

Yes, I'm a black and beautiful woman who considers herself an open minded hippie of sorts, but I can still call bullspit when I see it. Before I get to calling bullspit, however, let me just remind you that dammit, I'm gorgeous. Don't forget that. I haven't posted any pictures of myself here in a while which is kind of by design since this blog is not about the glory of my striking appearance, it's about the written word, music, and presenting opinions that don't matter in the scheme of things. Ha! However, if you want a refresher of who I am to be regaling you with opinions, reviews and commentary you have undoubtedly stumbled upon after searching for some subject that I continuously fall short of explaining in its entirety, refresh your memory by spiraling into the depths of previous posts like, "Black Lipstick. The 'Next Blog' Button. Headphones." or "Now That's What I Call A Vivid Weekend" or my personal favorite, "T-Shirt Mind Control: Sneaker Pimps"


Without further ado, let me introduce you to Mr. Rick Perry!!! Proprietor of NiggerHead Ranch!

He couldn't be any more Republican if he tatted the word across his forehead.

Oh and he also wants to run for President in 2012. Godspeed, Rick Perry, Godspeed.

Anyway, old Ricky's family owns a ranch (he is a Texan after all, ooh and a self described "true conservative" as well. Fun!) that was formerly (or currently depending on who's asking) named Niggerhead Ranch. Hilarious.

Rick assured all mainstream news outlets that the name Niggerhead Ranch, which was displayed on a rock on the property, was painted over YEARS and YEARS ago. Whew, thank gosh for that! It's no worry that he's probably lying, or that the rock before it was "painted over" was probably a great conversation piece for Rick, his family and their cohorts as they walked around with shotguns and Bud Lites in their hands, happy at all the white faces surrounding them as they gunned down animals and maybe, stray black people that had the misfortune of wandering onto the grass of Niggerhead Ranch, where even the cows wear Klan hoods! I crack myself up.

Rick is a handsome guy. Looks like a true conservative Republican, and becuase of the latent (and also, apparently, in some places very active) racism still in existence today, this little racist-as-hell-ranch- name snafu probably won't affect his bid for president in a negative way. America!!!

But I'll tell you one thing, Rick Perry, don't hold your breath for an invite to my ranch which I named after you,

My maturity is evident.

Peacy Weacy!!!

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