Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Day Stretches Before Me, and You

A day rife with endless opportunities and prospects--said prospects hover somewhere outside our corporeal world, they bang around out there in the abstract where our senses alone are unable to reach them, senses, you fragile things. Our minds pull them into existence however, an existence that we can consider if not touch see or smell. We conjure up ways to grasp those opportunities and prospects after we manage to tap into our goals and wishes, dreams and desires, and then we are able to put those into action through the avenues in the world that fit them.

This is a skill that eludes many of us, the ability to snatch from the abstract those things that will make our many dreams and desires a reality. It is all too easy to merely lounge around and wish, as we all know. Desires are as prevalent in all of us as plasma and nerve endings and so one who desires is not special or any closer to fulfillment. The challenge is to bend the world to our will so that it creates satisfaction in us when our goals are met, our dreams made a reality.

 Mastery of this skill is crucial but it will not by any means be mastered by all. Make no mistake however, anyone can make their dreams come true. The question is, do they have the drive, the will, and the imagination to do it?  

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