Thursday, January 6, 2011

My eyes!!!

So I've been absent for a long while, getting tossed around by life and trying not to sink into a vortex of depression from which I may never return--which wouldn't happen but that sentence is beautiful don't you think? I love words. Anyway, I've been back home in Ohio for a little over two months now and have been sick the entire time. I think switching climates (Hawaii to Ohio) took a lot out of me--that and realizing I forwent the amazing blue skies, verdant mountains and cerulean waves of the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii for the gray monochromatic drone that is Toledo, Ohio in the winter. I love this city but the winter needs to enroll itself in some therapy to get over that perpetual sadness!!

Tonight, I'm awake with a severe episode of what I've diagnosed my eyes with, The worst pain an eye could ever experience and I decided to blog about it while I avoid sleep because for the last couple nights sleep has exacerbated the problem.

A week or so ago I was bedridden with the throat ailment that shall not be named Strep, something I've never had in my life, and now along with the severe bout of Fire Eye I'm suffering from a dry cough and a runny nose. I'm a mess, needless to say.

Hopefully someone who's reading this has suffered from Recurrent Corneal Erosion, and if you have feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you did to keep from offing yourself to escape the pain and annoyance of acute eye pain!!!

Be back soon!

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