Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 Blog Posts in one Day?

Yes, but it's short, sweet and random.

So, I decided to turn off the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton flick "Faster" the moment the one couple got married and then went to shoot at bottles in the desert with their wedding clothes on. Gimme a corny break. I mean, corn city.

I don't know what I'm like that with movies. I mean, certain things just turn me off so bad and usually it's such a miniscule thing. I never wanted to see Faster in the first place but it's playing on one of my movie channels right now so I happened to catch quite a bit of it. Sure, it was pretty bad, but nothing made me scramble for my remote until that damn couple.

It's like, bad characterization. So anyway I was barely paying attention to the movie, I was writing and such, but it's not that complex so I could glean most of the details and with minimal attention you know, but as I understand it, The Rock's character's brother got killed by bad guy that *insert villainous gimmick here* and now that Rock character is out for blood!

The police played by a drug addicted Billy Bob and an ever oh-so-coolCarla Gugino are looking for Rock's character who I'll just call Rock from here on out because he killed some people, I think. But anyway there's this couple in the movie and one can tell they're a BAD to the BONE racing car couple that lives on the wild side!

So they have a small wedding, after which I'm presented with a scene of them shooting cans in the desert, her in her wedding dress and him in his tux. No thanks. Just beat me over the head with it why dontcha? Ever heard of subtelty?

And Billy Bob, what the hell? Do you just take every role offered to you? I know the money's good so listen, I won't hate that bad, but where's your darkness gone, man? You used to be striking!

Anyway. Check the labels. This is just a rant. Great grammar does not apply. Nor does sense, or having a point.

Now for some How It's Made.

Peacy Weacy!

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