Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello there person of the future!

Welcome to 2012, wow, I accidentally typed 2011 instead of 2012 back there. Isn't that hilarious? Especially when you consider the fact that this post is being made with the New Year in mind.

So, anyway, welcome person of the future, you person who exists in the time depicted in movies like the horrible 2012, the very good I Am Legend, you.

Come join me and celebrate the arrival of 2012 by doing something very 1900's; peruse this list of sci-fi books including one that takes place in 2012 and consider reading them. You know, reading, the amazing thing you're doing right now! Isn't it fun?!


Future History by Robert Heinlein- Can't go wrong with Heinlein and this story is set in 2012!


Moon Fall by Jack McDevitt. I love McDevitt and his books are quality sci-fi that have a diverse cast of characters!! Deeeelish!


Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke. Amazing! A complex plot and style, strong imagery, and an alien starship with a cylindrical sea? Gimme more. But when I got more, it was effing Rama II. I'm not even linking to that book. Stay away. The WORST sequel since Son of the Mask which I didn't even need to watch to know it was horrific. Gosh Rama II is horrible. For shame Arthur C. Clarke! You're lucky Rendezvous with Rama was a masterpiece because if it hadn't been I would've shown up at your house and commanded you to go on a Rama II burning crusade during which I would force you to find every copy of Rama II in the world, collect them and bring them to a location of my choosing where we would toss them all into a raging fire.

Plus, Mr. Clarke, you could always blame it on Gentry Lee. Ooooh horrible.


Ancient Shores by Jack McDevitt- I told you Jack McDevitt was good, because this one is bombastic as well. Pow!


Ender's Game--The ending obliterated my mind. A satisfying book. Just really good, man! Ender rocks.

So eat those up and let me know how they taste, sweet thangs.

Peacy Weacy!!


Yeah I called you all sweet thangs.

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