Thursday, October 20, 2011

Killzone: Liberation Makes Prosepunk Work fo' it!!

So I'm spending my glorious, post work Thursday night playing some Killzone: Liberation and sipping on a Sweet Tea (brand unimportant) while Avatar plays on my television.

Pre-work, while Kill Bill Vol.2 Motion Picture Soundtrack played in the background, I also immersed myself in the addictive and damn difficult world of Killzone: Liberation.

Kablammo! You're dead, man!

You die a million times in this game because everyone in the WORLD is trying to kill you. Dogs, spider bomb thingies, pressure bombs that you can barely see, well thrown grenades, these red-eyed Helghast soldiers are capital R Ruthless!

Hats off to you Killzone: Liberation, handheld facet of the Killzone series, for making me use my logic, skill and patience to best levels manned by the most intelligent AI I've seen in a while. 

Killzone: Liberation challenges me, it punishes me when I try to run in guns blazing, button mashing. It teaches me to pull a pinch of gaming finesse from my reserves and lay it all on the line for ultimate completion, ultimate success.

But damn you are hard and frustrating and maddening, which is why victory over you shall be so very sweet!

So...let's see how long it takes for me to take it down! I started playing three days ago, probably about an hour to two hours a day, give or take. Hear me starting my engines?

Friday October 21, 2:17 PM

This level, titled "TRAIL OF DECEPTION-Assault" is a damn trail of deception. No just kidding, I can't even figure out if the trail is deceptive because I keep getting shot down at the beginning of it. But I can get down with the "Assault" part because I'm for sure being assaulted. I dare say being subjected to aggravated assault tinged with First Degree Murder! This level, particular the part pictured (the very damn beginning) is kicking my frustrated a$$! And I just shot my way through a very frustrating level last night! Only to be met with a challenge that makes the last seem like level 1 in Frogger?!

Horrible picture (I couldn't fight the glare) but you get my drift.

There are two guards right there who I successfully sneak by only to get shot up by some crazy asses who come running out of a door seconds later. Boo. Still trying.

2:46 PM

Hellzyeahyuh! Got my minority stereotype ally Rico to help after running from the Halghast and putting down the bridge! If I die, though, I'm going to probably try to use more finesse next time around....but dammit I got through a part that was kicking my ass so I'm quite pleased. Did it in about two minutes with only about two tries today so far.

Story developing suckah........!

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