Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Method Man Does Sour Patch Kids?! Savvy Businessman or Sellout Sour Sport?" Is What Articles All Across the Internet Will Read!

Ef selling out, I like it. This is Method Man's Sour Patch Kids Commercial. #1 Don't eat much candy, but when I do, I will munch on on Sour Patch. Also, the commercials (the ones sans Method Man) strike a cord of interest within me. So, delicious candy, #1, Method Man/Wu-Tang-esque production style accompanied by the unique chant of Method Man's raspy-voiced lyrical flow #2? Heck yes please. Also, the commercial's mildly amusing dare I say....funny? And Meth had complete creative control over the commercial so he is resposible for its funniness! Not those stuffy ad executives! A good rapper! Wu-Tang? Yes, Meth was in Wu-Tang!

And dammit I need to blow the dust of my Blackout album, Doc's Da Name 2000, Malpractice album! Yes!!!!!

Now, since I have demonstrated my ability to be brain controlled by the media and their ad agencies, I will now simply encourage you to get some Meth and Red in your musical life. Oh and don't hold me to any opinion of Redman's new stuff because I haven't listened to it, but trust, I'm checking out his post-Malpractice catalogue riiiiight now!!

Peacy Weacy!!

Sidenote, once I find a version of this video that isn't a piece of ad crap that plays automatically and even presents you with a commercial BEFORE a commercial, I'll post it in place of this one. Stick it to the man!!

Update: Did it! Enjoy this Youtube version that doesn't do all the things I complained about above. Ta-Ta!

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