Thursday, August 26, 2010

Goals, not just another word for scoring in soccer.

Okay, so I like many of you out there have goals. I barely know what they are anymore because I haven't actually met one in so long but as usual I digress.

I have goals but because I spin my wheels daily and procrastinate, I never meet them. Proof of that is on this blog for your eyes to see...or not see..I planned to sate your thirst for all things Prosepunk by posting a not that cliche Top 10 Video Games List, but yet, it remains non existent. Sad, I know, but I admitted I have a problem with doing what I need to do and darn it I meant it!

With that said I'm going to place my goals, large and small on this blog so that they are in the world where people may witness them and scoff when I fail to meet them. Maybe this will light a fire under my bum--or not. Only time will tell. Here is a list of my goals, in no particular order, and with no chance of being met! LOL.

1. Finish Final Fantasy 12 so I don't feel like a fraud when I put it on my top video games list
2. Finish reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  (ignore the irony)
3. Get to "book 2" of my current project (more on that later)
4. Prepare my poetry to send out to a contest. (It ain't about winning, it's about DOING!)
5. Make THE decision, stick to it, and better myself (purposely cryptic)
6.Finish my re-read of Shepherd of the Wolves (love that book!)
7. Restart and finish Shadows Fall

Now these goals seem small but one must begin with the small stuff, I haven't the capability to work on the most important things in my life yet, though a few of them do appear on the list.

As I meet these goals, if I meet these goals, I will write about them on this blog so that catharsis can power me toward even better achievements. I hope I don't disappoint myself, because that's what matters the most.

I may add more goals, who knows? Life is about goals mostly, and if  I ever hope to claw my way out of the sludge of mediocrity I need to get some pep in my step, some drive...I need to become what I am not--a go-getter.

Wish me luck!

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