Saturday, August 14, 2010

Procrastination...and you. Or me. Yeah, me.

In addition to being married to Tomorrow, I have mentioned that I am also owned by that harsh mistress procrastination. To be indebted to procrastination as I am is a complete detriment to my mission as an aspiring writer. However, I am forever trying to break my ties to procrastination by reading inspiring articles/blogs written by people who have already overcome their dependence on putting off for tomorrow which could be done today.

Timothy Hallinan wrote a great article for people like me, writers who can't finish their work. It really gave me some good tips and helped me organize my thoughts...and it stopped me from getting down on myself about my inability to EVER finish any work I start. I always get bored with my story or my characters, and then you know what happens, I start another story and the previous one gets lost in the abyss where my work goes to die!!! But get this, I read Timothy's article, which you can find here (choose Finish Your Novel on the left) and low and behold, I finished something, for the first time since I was about fifteen and I wrote this crazy story called Clean about an OCD neat freak murderer. Yeah, it was horrible.

At any rate, those writers out there who suffer from cantfinishadamnthing like me, should check out this article. Read the whole thing--don't wuss out. You'll never regret it, and, I predict you naming your first born after me for all the help it will do you!!


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