Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Pentagon Wars!!:

Watching the film: The Pentagon Wars reiterates  how much the government tries to hide/gloss over their past faux pas’. This movie depicted the struggle that ensued between Air Force Lt. Col. James Burton and Maj. Gen. Partridge, who according the movie, served as the main authority over the Bradley “Reconnaissance Vehicle” development.

Lt. Col Burton thought the vehicle unsafe and as the film shows many changes had been made to the original and more functional prototype in order to pacify the tastes of high ranking military officials.

Listen….I hate writing summaries, you want a good summary go here: Pentagon Wars Summary that makes sense unlike the one I was about to write and then if you have enough energy left click the x on the right upper hand corner of the window that contains the summary to close the window and BAM! My blog is still here!<you're very welcome for the impromptu Windows Internet Expolorerer tutorial.

Now I know my opinion means next to nothing because I'm just a very intelligent person who might one day be your boss-but I digress...that movie laid bare a couple of things I would think the Army wouldn't want us fair citizens to be aware of. It's not as if they don't already pull the wool over our eyes about a myriad of things but listen I'm just a talker not a conspiracy theorist so here is my point. I'm not into rehashing conspiracy theories and I also don't want the government to poison my Honey Smacks for blabbing know what I'm sayin'? (As if they would read this blog because I'm sure no one will ever see it other than whoever happens to be sitting beside me while I'm writing it!) Self deprecating humor ladies and gentlemen.

Here is the promised point: watch the movie. Then let it simmer.

But...your thankless assignment is not must then mosey on over to this link, which is an official wiki article on the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and see how the Bradley people spin that movie, it's under the section titled Production History. Hilarious. Now I don't know which version (the movie or the wiki article) is true but it's a funny thing all the same.

So what do you think phantom readers, you think the government made shoddy war equipment or was it ALL JUST A BIG MISUNDERSTANDING *said in an army General voice*.

The Pentagon Wars wasn't the most entertaining thing I ever saw, but it gets kudos for its content!

Peacy Weacy!

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