Friday, August 13, 2010

An introduction...

So...a blog. Like millions of others in this great world of ours I fancy myself an artist! A writer to be exact--so what better way to hone the writing skills than to...write? I won't be hawking  my books on here--yet--as I heart tomorrow and that is a beautiful way of saying...I procrastinate. There is nothing I like better than tomorrow. It's fresh, clean, it always calls back, and it's always there for you!

                I love you, tomorrow. Are we still on for dinner--tomorrow?

Anyway, in the event I ever get the guts to kick tomorrow to the curb, I will undoubtedly transform into a person who contributes quality, introspective and deliciously entertaining work to our fair society.

Admitting that I'm a writer--aspiring as I may be--will undoubtedly solicit harsh scrutiny from anyone who mis-types an address into their browser and arrives on All sorts of people will laugh and point at my badly spelled words and grammatical errors, and to them I say, mistakes give human beings character--get some for yourself and quit hating on mine!!:)<---Yup that's a smiley constructed of a colon and a right parenthese.

Since I do so love tomorrow, I doubt I will update this blog as often as I should. If you were paying attention before, you saw that I called myself a procrastinator. I am. A severe procrastinator. See you one day soon I hope, and if I return, I promise to discuss the following:

 Because we don't hear enough about people not named Justin Bieber, Rihanna, or Beyonce!!

 I'm not sure what they are but I've heard they contain words organized into an attention grabbing series that can bring satisfaction, discovery, entertainment, and boredom, all at once!!

How many plans can I break? How much time passes between blog updates? Will I even remember I have this blog when tomorrow comes to pick me up in a few hours? Will I ever finish and submit this crappy self-important snore fest I call a novel? Will I ever stop pretending my work isn't the bomb? (Because I have heard from reliable sources (outside of myself) that my writing is top notch!)

I have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder that my doctor calls hypochondria...hold on wait...

Social Commentary
You know what they say about opinions and sphincters! (Everybody's got one)

And much, much more
My blog will lack focus. Just like me.

So please return again and again for my prosepunk musings. I'll even drop some suggestive posts that urge you to do what I'm doing. Like playing Sims 2! Which reminds me, I'll also be writing about...

Video games
I love them, and so should you!!!


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