Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inform Yourself.

I'm going to give you a word. SecuRom. I'm going to give you a website courtesy of my well versed best friend Wikipedia (I promise I'll start using other sources soon because I'm thorough like that!! :)
Draw your own conclusions, and talk to me about it on the morrow!

I'm just telling you to read it. That's all. I don't have an opinion<<That's a lie.

**And let it be known I AM NOT down with the pirating of ANYTHING so as you read this article please keep in mind that  I am only bringing it to your attention so that you may draw conclusions relating to how it affects our rights as HUMAN BEINGS with privacy, not so I could give a heads up to people who steal things and ruin it for the rest of us. Quit pirating music and movies and games man, it spazzes out the economy and siphons our collective moral character. Yes I'm a goody two shoes...when it comes to stealing.

If you want amazing music that's so cheap it might as WELL be free check out ZUNE. I own a Zune HD that is always at my side and I subscribe to the MOTHEREFFIN Zune Pass which I love more than pop tarts, and soon, you will learn of how deep my love goes for pop tarts. Check me out in the Zune community as well so you can see what I'm listening to, although I'm sure I'll talk about that more than enough on this blog. I don't work for Zune by the way:) Have I veered far enough away from my subject yet? Yes, okay, back on track...

If you're not offended by now, leave a comment about what you think of the article and whether you agree that we are being suctioned into an Orwellian abyss!!

P.S. I know SecuRom is chiefly implemented on the games running under Microsoft Windows and  Zune is made by Microsoft but whatev, I love my Zune, and I like Microsoft games and their other products but  I just don't like their practices!! Duality is human nature dammit!

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