Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inundating myself with learning new hobbies

What better way to solve my addiction to procrastination than taking on another thing that will inevitably apply more pressure to my already scattered brain?

I'm trying to learn guitar!! This foray into musical astuteness has already caused fourteen fights between me and my teacher/right hand man. I'm probably a bad student, and he's definitely a bad teacher. So...

I should probably try to secure some lessons--lessons will serve to teach me while also forcing me to practice and stick with it beyond two days.

My fingers already hurt and I've already frustrated my only human guidebook to the world of guitar. So what else is new??

Well, as you can see there's still no top video games list--and there won't be until I finish slothing my way through Final Fantasy 12--which is amazing by the way, but hard and long. That's what she said.

So I'm trying to finish that game and then the list will be up. In the mean time I don't plan to go this long between blog posts again, so if you're out there, my lone bored reader, prepare to get served a dish of my disjointed ramblings at least every other day, barring natural disaster or severe sickness.

Thanks for stopping by!


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