Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Take this as a good sign, because

the last thing I wanted to do today is write in this blog. Why? Who knows? Becuase I'm self-destructive and under motivated. Perhaps. But you're not a psychiatrist so don't make those groundless claims. Anyway, I'm here anyway, writing away, thinking about what useless self reflection I can spread across these vibrant pages today...

I'm coming along on my goals, but it's not easy. I'm still trudging through Final Fantasy 12 although I broke my '1 game at a time rule' by starting Dragon Quest 9 on the DSi, and it's a well needed breath of fresh air after playing only FF12 for the last couple of weeks, though I will say, and I never ever thought I would say this, I'm getting a little RPG'd out. I think that after I finish FF12 and DQIX, I might take a break from the RPG's for a spell.

I recently picked up Metal Gear Solid:Peacewalker for the PSP, and I'm really excited to play it which is why I'm trying even harder to get a fire under my patootie to make me finish FF12. That game is absolutely relentless.

Guitar is coming along quite nicely, I'm practicing daily and steadily and I'm improving in a painstakingly slow manner but I'm still interested and I haven't let it sit in the corner forgotten yet like many hobby's before it, so I'll take that as a good sign!! This is only day...5 I think of having it, if not less so I can't be too proud yet, it could still be given up on yet...but it won't, darn doubt is a powerful thing! Don't let it overpower you, reader, it is a crippling ravenous unrelenting thing!!

Life is progressing a little better than it had been previously, usually I'm a complete slave to my thoughts worries but I've become a little less so as of late. Gotta give props to myself for that because usually I am absolutely neurotic, which has lead me to decide to read about Carl Jung's theory of neurosis to gain a little more perspective on this whole thing because typically I joke about being neurotic, but in true American hypochondriac form I've also discovered that a lot of the symptoms of neurosis could apply to me if I weren't so beautiful and "normal"!!

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope that the world is treating you better than it is me, and if it isn't, it's your own dang fault:)


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