Friday, September 10, 2010

To twit or not to twit

Yes, two blog posts in one day! Success and power await me!

So I was looking up ways to promote this empty room known as my blog and the place I checked ( <<gotta give props--listed Twitter as an option, which, is good advice--for someone other than me. Now don't get me wrong, I already have a Twitter account, but I just couldn't get into it. My thoughts way surpass random blurbs of thought, and, I pride myself on always going against the grain, though, I do have a facebook and myspace account. Twitter is just so....over played. I don't like that media outlets prod me to  "follow them on twitter" and I don't want to feel worse about myself by following the tweets of vapid celebrities (okay not all celebrities are vapid but a lot of them are). I don't want to read about their unimaginably fabulous lives while my own life consists of mediocrity punctuated by stints of drama and emotional turmoil.

So Twitter is out. I'll stay on the grind and try to build readers but Twitter will be my last resort. I don't like what Twitter stands for, especially since our society is becoming so....embroiled in mindless entertainment and celebrities and celebrity gossip (which is a guilty pleasure of mine, I admit, I mean, I did link Dlisted for frank's sake).

Twitter doesn't appeal to me organically so I'll stay away. I'll try other avenues, and when those fail I'll probably turn to twitter with my tail between my amazing legs, but not right now, not today!


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